Reporter is attacked by a public agent in Rio: I was called a monkey – Television


Reporter Julie Alves was assaulted this Thursday afternoon (24) at a health unit in Japeri, metropolitan area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. The journalist, who was recording material for CNT’s Fala Baixada program, and her cameraman needed to be medicated after being prevented from working by a public official.

In images obtained by NaTelinha, Julie Alves picks up the microphone on the floor while a man approaches the cameraman, called Vangelis. The reporter points to the aggressor and asks the colleague to register him with his equipment. Another boy appears trying to contain the municipal agent.

Sought by the report, the journalist says that the microphone ended up on the floor by a blow delivered by the man: “He came at me. He slapped my hand, I thought he was going to hit me in the face, and the microphone fell. I bent down to pick it up and it advanced on the cameraman “.

Still shaken, Julie Alves says she needed to be medicated at the clinic. His blood pressure, which is usually “12 by 8”, rose to 14. The cameraman, diabetic and hypertensive, almost reached 400 mg / dL of blood glucose (the normal is 100) and 18 of high blood pressure.

CNT reporter accuses public agent of racism

The reporter, who has worked on RedeTV! like TV Fama and A Tarde É Sua, also accuses the civil servant of racism: “He called me a monkey, a piranha, he sent me to the p … who gave birth. This had never happened to me. I’m terrible. It was super embarrassing. and revolting. What we have experienced here is the total neglect of journalism “.

After the case of aggression, the municipality’s health secretary, Rosilene Moraes, arrived at the health unit and received the journalism team, but the local official continued to hover around the reporter and the cameraman.

“He entered the room and threatened us, all within the health clinic. The person is an employee of the city hall. The moment the secretary took us to her office, he went in and wanted to attack us again”, reports the journalist .

Julie Alves’ report was not directly related to the health unit, but to a dump next to the public building. When she arrived at the site, she was prevented from working: “I came to ask the coordination of the post if they knew about the dump next door. That was when the confusion started.”

Julie Alves will file a police report against the civil servant for assault and racial injury. Japeri’s health secretary was contacted, but did not return contact until the conclusion of this report.


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