Research proves that watching videos of cute animals alleviates anxiety and reduces heart rate


It is nothing new that seeing pictures or videos of cute animals livens up anyone’s day, right? However, a collaborative study by the University of Leeds and Western Tourism of Australia proved this in practice.

The survey was conducted with 19 participants who watched videos of Australia’s quokkas for 30 minutes – a famous marsupial known for its smile-like facial structure.

Participants had their blood pressure and heart rate measured before and after the videos. The comparison shows that the frequencies dropped considerably after viewing the clips.

The researchers also found that people’s anxiety levels reduced by up to 35% and in other participants the number reached 50%.

“It was clear that the students were anxious before their exams, with heart rate and slightly elevated blood pressure for most participants before our session took place”, said the researcher, Dr. Andrea Utley.

It is proven, seeing cute animals results in joy and balanced health levels. You can practice without moderation!

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