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Former “Paradise Hotel” participant Isabelle Eriksen (24) is relevant with the podcast “Realitypodden”, where she is visited by various reality participants.

In last Friday’s episode, she was visited by “Ex on the Beach” boyfriend couple Sandra Fjeldberg and Cristian Brennhovd.

They participated in this year’s season of “Ex on the Beach”, together with former “Paradise Hotel” participant Pierre Louis Olsson (27), and Fjeldberg ended up in bed with them both in the program.

Takes the blade from the mouth after the penis image

This is exactly the topic during the podcast, where Eriksen asks Fjeldberg which of the two guys is the best in bed.

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– It was he (Brennhovd, journ.anm.) Then. I kind of think Pierre does not have such a big dick, if it is allowed to say, she says, to which Eriksen answers:

– Okay, then everyone knows that. Do not go to Pierre, folks, he has a small penis.

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Believes it contributes to body pressure

Olsson himself, who is also relevant in the new Dplay series “Singletown”, has received the attention he has received in the podcast.

– Sandra probably has nothing better to say, and that is exactly what I do not care about. The whole world can be allowed to believe that I have a small cock. I have had a good sex life and am comfortable with myself. What I think is problematic is what Eriksen answers, he tells See and Hear.

SORRY: Isabelle Eriksen says that the comment should not have been made. Photo: Private
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He believes that the comment builds up under an unhealthy body focus – including pressure for how big a penis should be.

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In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

– I think they should understand that such comments stick with boys. There are boys who struggle with this uncertainty and saying something like that in a podcast will not make it any better for them, the 27-year-old says.

He also believes that it would have been a far more sensational situation if the sexes had changed places.

Deletes the micropenis podcast after the debate

Deletes the micropenis podcast after the debate

– If I had talked to a friend in a podcast and said “she was a bad lie, because she had a bad body”, then there would have been an outcry, he thinks.


Isabelle Eriksen has been presented with the criticism from Olsson, and admits to Se og Hør that the statement should not have been made.

– I was really a bit put off by Sandra’s comment, and really just wanted to end the topic. I understand very well that Pierre reacts, it was not my intention to contribute to body pressure. In that case, I apologize, she says.

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See and Hear has been in contact with creative director Sebastian Solberg in Eccentric People, who produces the podcast. They have not answered questions about whether they have made any assessments around the relevant quote, or other questions.

He also does not answer what they think about the criticism from Louis. Instead, he writes in a text message that Eriksen can not control what the guests say, and that beyond this they have no comment.

Therefore, the prince gathered on erotic art

Therefore, the prince gathered on erotic art

This is not the first time penis statements in podcasts are making headlines. Influencer Kristin Gjelsvik lay flat after she had made a mockery of micropenis in February.

She therefore chose to delete the episode.

– This is definitely not okay. I am of course very embarrassed to have talked like that about it, Gjelsvik said when she was confronted with the statements by Fredrik Solvang during the “Debate”.

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