Rodrigo Moraes ironic Carol Narizinho after receiving indication for the farm


Indicated by Carol Narizinho for the third garden of “A Fazenda 2020”, Rodrigo Moraes was not surprised by the choice of the farmer of the week and took advantage of RecordTV’s live program to mock the people.

After presenter Marcos Mion asked for the vote, Carol justified that the presenter refused to help with housework after the water cut was punished and criticized him for judging her at the game.

“Well, punishment I take the world takes. There is no way for us to foresee. It is something natural that will happen. The question is how each one deals with punishments. Helping each other and having a sense of collectivity. Everyone here is united to help “, said.

“And the leader with this, this week, this punishment. The person did not think he had to go after it to help because he did not cause the punishment. Last week, this person judged me for not having blood in his eyes. “, completed.

Rodrigo then had the chance to defend himself and ran away from the shack. He just remembered that the model could not charge the other participants of the reality for not having behaved inappropriately during the command of the house tasks.

“I think Carol didn’t hear what you said at first. To honor the hat we wear. Putting the inverse of what is expected of a farmer. The person did not follow the position that everyone wants. And did not understand that position was to put order in the house “, finished.


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