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Roku has launched a new device that promises to turn your TV into smart: the Roku Streambar. But, in addition to the traditional function, the accessory also functions as a portable soundbar, which must deliver “cinema sound” to your TV room. The device has HDMI connectivity for 4K video, but it also allows connections via optical cable for sound, in addition to offering USB, Bluetooth and compatibility with Spotify Connect technology to play music.

The product is available to buy from October in the United States for US $ 129.99, something around R $ 720, at the current price. To TechTudo, Roku’s advisory in Brazil stated that, for now, there is no confirmation that Roku Streambar will arrive in the country. Here, you can find the recently launched Roku Express, a direct rival to Chromecast 3, Fire TV Stick, from Amazon, and Mi TV Stick, from Xiaomi, as a “cheap” alternative to streaming.

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Streambar is compact and has a four-speaker system, plus 4K video support – Photo: Disclosure / Roku

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Streambar promises to be a two-in-one product without sacrificing any of its applications. From the point of view of sound, the device should improve the audio quality of any television due to the system of four internal speakers. In addition, by offering Spitify Connect, in addition to USB and Bluetooth as connectivity options, the Roku Streambar can function as a wireless speaker to play audio from devices connected or connected to it.

Another highlight of the sound system is the possibility to select between different modes of use. There is, for example, a profile that balances all audio at a preset volume, making the TV quieter to avoid waking up others at home.

Streambar comes with remote control, complete operating system and promise to improve sound – Photo: Disclosure / Roku

Another case is a setting that highlights voices in the content displaying, which can be interesting to watch or listen to content with greater attention to speech, such as films, series or podcasts.

Streambar also brings Dolby Audio and PCM for sound, while the video promises 4K resolution and features like HDR10 and HLG. The hottest Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, for sound and image, respectively, are not part of Streambar’s features.

For now, Roku operates in Brazil with only two types of products. In addition to Roku Express, which is on sale in the national market for R $ 307, it is also available to buy here AOC Roku TV, for sale at prices starting at R $ 920, according to Compare. The product, made in partnership with AOC, has HD or Full HD resolutions, in addition to sizes ranging from 32 “to 43 inches.

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