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After going to the CT Rei Pelé to talk to players and the coaching staff and to appoint the new members of the Management Committee, the acting president gave a long virtual press conference. He avoided attacking Peres, his outspoken disaffection, but made sharp criticisms and opened up about the situation he found at the club.

“Catastrophic situation,” summarized Rollo.

Among the subjects of the interview, Rollo was asked about FIFA’s punishments against Santos, the debts the club owes to the players of the squad and what to do to generate revenue in the last months of his term.

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Orlando Rollo, acting president of Santos – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

It is worth remembering that Santos will have presidential elections in December. That is why Rollo says he will do “transition management”. See the main responses of the manager:

Conversation with Cuca and cast

– Just yesterday I called Cuca. I’m a friend of his. I told him that in the morning I would be at CT Rei Pelé. I talked to players and the coaching staff and then we had a general meeting. A worrying situation. Some without motivation. But the cast is very strong, very professional. Many complained about wage arrears and image rights and when they complained they heard promises. We are not here to blame anyone. Management passed. I am acting president. I can stay one day, two days, 60 days or 90 days. I don’t know the term that I will be president, but one thing I tell you and I told the players too, is that you will have all my focus to solve these problems, especially the financial ones.

– I didn’t sell illusion to anyone. They know about Santos’ current administrative situation, which is quite stark. It is more worrying than many people imagine. Only I knew I was going to find a dark situation, so I can’t complain. Because if I’m not going to be complaining. We have to gain confidence in the market, we have to pay the debts. By paying the debts we will gain confidence in the market. Many debts generated punishment for the simple fact that Santos did not satisfy creditors about payment methods.

Orlando Rollo, acting president, in conversation with Cuca at CT Rei Pelé – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

FIFA debts and punishments

In all, the debts that resulted in FIFA’s punishments against Santos are around R $ 48 million. The biggest and oldest is with Hamburg, Germany, because of the hiring of defender Cleber Reis: about R $ 30 million, with a fine and interest. The second, of R $ 18 million, is with Huachipato, from Chile, for the purchase of striker Soteldo.

FIFA’s first punishment against Santos only prohibited the club from registering new players, without stipulating a deadline. The second, in the face of recurrence, has already been seen as more serious: it prevents Peixe from hiring for a specific period of three transfer windows. Experts believe that the Fish may even lose points in the event of a new sanction.

– Everyone wants to hear a magic formula, something crazy. There is no magic formula, something crazy. Our team is already committed from an early age to create a solution. I won’t be regretting it. Let’s focus on problem solving. If there is no alternative, other than the negotiation of a player, have no doubt that I will ask for help from the Council, so that eventually it will approve the negotiation of an athlete. I am not arrogant. Santos needs help. I have two days to resolve this issue. 48h to solve the problem of years. It’s inhuman. But I can’t be sorry. I’ll do it, ”explained Rollo.

– This payment has to be made urgently. Yes, Santos is at risk of suffering another punishment in the next few days. We are about to lose points. I will not deceive anyone. And then there was a conversation I had with some of the leaders of the cast, who came to me and said “President, are we running and sweating to lose a point off the field?” This is going to be an avalanche for the cast. So, the players are supportive of our problem. I congratulate the attitude of the Santos players for being supportive of our problem. We are bringing in a trained technical team. References in the administrative, financial sector. We are going to do the administrative reformulation of Santos so that we can pay and / or renegotiate these issues.

– We need to pay players right away to be more motivated. There is a case of a delay that you do not believe. Players are aware of the club’s difficulties. This is what I talked to them about. That they are tired of listening to conversation and that I will need to show actions. It was an important and fundamental conversation. The players know the difficulties and we will solve them.

Cast reaction to political turmoil

– Player is tired of talking, can’t take any more empty promises. I said that it’s no use talking blablablá. I need to gain trust through actions. Most of the cast already knew me. You know my character and my way of working. I always travel with the players, I try to get closer, keep this relationship of trust. In fact, I just didn’t travel today because my priority is to resolve the debt with Hamburg. If not, I would have gone. I believe that if you speak the truth, talk to the players, you automatically start to gain their trust. The so-called straight talk. No lie and no bluntness.

– For a player like Marinho to refer to Cuca with president shows that they are abandoned. Player likes it when manager gives them support. Unfortunately I noticed that they did not have this support, so there was a certain revolt from the players, who were always professionals.

Orlando Rollo, acting president, in conversation with Marinho and Pará, leaders of the Santos squad – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

– I want to make it very clear that in this first moment, until we evaluate the situation, there will be no dismissal. No employee in any sector. Eventually, in the future, you may have some dismissals, of course you can, but we have to evaluate each member’s professional performance. There will be no mass dismissal, terrorism. We will evaluate all employees, honor everyone. There are many selfless people in Santos who will be honored. Let’s do an evaluation of everyone. And if we evaluate together with the Committee that these employees are not performing or that their functions are poorly distributed, we will either relocate or fire. But not now. Now all employees can rest assured.

Now, the Santos Deliberative Council has up to 60 days to set up an assembly with the club members, who voted for or against the impeachment of José Carlos Peres. Meanwhile, the incumbent president is Orlando Rollo.


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