Romanian mayor elected with absolute majority after dying victim of Covid-19


THEThe inhabitants of a village in Romania re-elected their mayortimes with an absolute majority, even though mayor died two weeks ago, victim of complications caused by the new coronavirus.

According to the AP, the popular believed that Ion Aliman had been an excellent mayor and who deserved this posthumous victory. Some videos published on social networks, show dozens of people visiting the campa of the ex-president, a Social Democrat, to light candles, after voting in the local elections, which took place this Sunday.

This would be the third mandate of Aliman as mayortimes of Deveselu, a village of about three thousand people in southern Romania. According to the data of the electoral commission, released this Monday, the deceased mayor won with 64% of the votes.

“He was a real president. He was on the side of the village, he respected the laws. I can’t believe we will see another president like him again,” a woman told the local television station. ProTV.

Aliman, a former naval officer, died on 17 September, at 56 years of age, in a Bucharest hospital, when his name was already on the ballot papers, with no possibility of reversal. Now new elections will be held.

Romania, it should be noted, has already notified 123,944 confirmed cases of infection since end of February. The country also counts 4,748 deaths associated with the disease.

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