Ruben Rua clarifies sentence with which Cristina Ferreira worked – a Boil


After causing controversy when he revealed that he met with Cristina Ferreira to negotiate his move to TVI on a date when the presenter was still working at SIC, Ruben Rua returned with the word back.

I received a message from Cristina on the 27th of July, I met the 29th. Helena [Coelho] received the same message that day. At this distance I had no idea of ​​the timings. It’s just this! It’s easy to prove. For me, it was Cristina’s first week in July on TVI“, the ‘VivaVida’ presenter explained to ‘TV Mais’ magazine.

At the premiere of the ‘Dia de Cristina’ program, last week, Cristina Ferreira asked Ruben Rua how long she had known she was going to present the new TVI program. “Since the first week of July“he said, adding:”That Monday there was a message from you that said: Kid, meeting, Wednesday at 11am. Job.

Words that caused discomfort at SIC, since the presenter only left the channel on July 17th. “SIC is absolutely shocked and revolted by the situation. Cristina Ferreira confirmed, live, that she had planned a program for a competing channel at the beginning of July, more than two weeks before unilaterally terminating and without foundation the contract with SIC, where she was a presenter, consultant to the Program Directorate and one of the figures ahead of the station. In addition to being ethically reprehensible and disrespecting the public who accompanied her on SIC, it is certainly a very serious breach of the contract that linked her to the station “, revealed a source from the Paço de Arcos channel to Correio da Manhã.


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