Sale of new vehicles with combustion engines will be banned in California from 2035 – Science


The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, signed, this Wednesday, an executive order that aims to prohibit the sale of new vehicles with combustion engines from 2035. The measure is part of a package of measures designed to reduce gas emissions greenhouse effect, at a time when the US state is being heavily affected by fires.

This measure does not prohibit anyone from having such a car nor does it prevent these cars from being sold as “used”, since the decision applies only to new vehicles in that state. This is the first US state to make such a decision.

“Cars shouldn’t cause our kids to have asthma. Make fires stronger. Melt glaciers. Or raise sea levels,” the governor tweeted.

Several European countries have already legislated the sale of cars with combustion engines and created incentives for the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles. Currently, in Norway, for example, one in three cars purchased is electric. The country is also creating a charging network for electric taxis and plans to have a first such fleet starting in 2023.

France and the United Kingdom aim to end the circulation of cars with combustion engines by 2040 and 2050, respectively, although the legislation is not yet clear in that sense. In Denmark, more specifically in Copenhagen, there is already a proposal to prevent the circulation of this type of vehicle until 2025, when the city plans to achieve carbon neutrality.

In Portugal, the date for the end of the sale of polluting vehicles is 2040. In 2018, the Government committed itself to transfer the entire fleet of the public administration to types that guarantee zero emissions, or close to zero, until 2030.


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