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During the Samsung Unpacked Extra 2020 event, in which it announced the Galaxy S20 FE cell phone, the South Korean manufacturer made a commitment to launch more “fan editions” of its high-end devices.

The line should replace the “Lite” models launched earlier this year – Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite. Like the Lite models, the S20 FE includes the main specifications of the original model, with some altered features, usually aimed at cost reduction, such as the plastic rear finish, the lower resolution screen and which does not extend to the sides of the cell phone.

“As a tribute to our Galaxy fans, we are setting a new standard for making line top innovations accessible to as many people as possible. And we will continue to launch Fan Editions of our premium devices over the years,” announced Clare Hunter , brand manager.

Explosive origin

The Galaxy S20 FE is not the first model of the brand to receive the suffix. Before him, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note FE, launched in July 2017 to eliminate the stock of the Galaxy Note 7 model. The top of the line was launched in August 2016 and soon was the target of a recall after several cases of devices that exploded, which resulted in restrictions on the use of cell phones on flights.

Samsung took advantage of the units produced from the Note 7, refurbished the cell phones – adopting a reduced capacity battery and safety measures – and relaunched the model almost a year later as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, offered in some countries.

Galaxy Note FE was the solution found by the brand to not throw out the Note 7 stock (image: Samsung)

Profitable strategy

The launch of FE versions of its high-end devices can be interpreted in several ways, including, of course, recognition for the dedication of fans. A colder analysis may attribute the launch to a possible sale of the original S20 below expectations and the need to generate interest in a “new model” to flow excess stocks of components – as in the extreme case of Note 7.

Another possible reading is that the launch of a farewell edition can keep the device in line, as long as the novelty status avoids the devaluation of the model in retail. The Galaxy S10 Lite, for example, arrived on the market with prices above those practiced in “non-lite” models, but in the case of the model the amount charged ended up falling quickly, perhaps due to the influence of having been launched a few days before the S20 line.

The announcement of the engagement with fans can be seen around 1h2min15s of the Unpacked broadcast video:

Source: Samsung

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