Santa Catarina surpasses the mark of a thousand certified properties free of brucellosis and tuberculosis


Santa Catarina once again leads the way with excellent numbers in animal production

An international highlight in agricultural health, Santa Catarina once again leads the way with excellent numbers in animal production. In September, the state surpassed the mark of one thousand certified properties free of brucellosis and tuberculosis, an important milestone that attests to the health excellence of the herds and the important work done by the Integrated Agricultural Development Company of Santa Catarina (Cidasc) in the health controls in the chain productive.

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Cidasc’s president, Luciane de Cássia Surdi, celebrates this important achievement for Santa Catarina. “We need to be always attentive and advancing in controls. The partnership between all those involved in the production chain, Government, agribusiness, rural producers and public and private entities, is important so that the state can achieve even greater levels in controls and sanitary excellence. Many dairy industries pay an additional price for the liter of milk when the property is certified, this advantage encouraged producers in the search for certification “, says Luciane.

For the veterinarian and coordinator of the State Program for the Eradication of Brucellosis and Tuberculosis, Karina Diniz Baumgarten, reaching the mark of 1,045 certified properties in the state is cause for celebration. “Today, Santa Catarina has one of the lowest prevalence rates of brucellosis and tuberculosis in Brazil. The latest survey by Cidasc found that less than 1% of the herd. This index is so low that Santa Catarina is the closest Brazilian state to obtain the classification of an insignificant risk area for these diseases. It is a source of pride for all people from Santa Catarina and Cidasc is a partner of the producer in this process “, highlights Karina.

The Program has a partnership with public agencies, as process certifiers, qualified professionals and private entities.


The sanitation of establishments that adhere to the Free Ownership Certification is done through tests paid for by the producers and carried out on all animals on the property, positive reagents are sent for slaughter. The tests are performed by a qualified veterinarian, 6 and 12 months apart, and without positive reagent animals. After the testing period, the property receives the certificate of ownership free of brucellosis and tuberculosis. The maintenance of the status is conditioned to the fulfillment of all established health rules and norms. If there is an intention to enter animals on the property, two negative tests are required, except if the cattle come from another free property. The certificate is renewed annually and exams must be carried out before winning the certification.

The eradication of brucellosis and tuberculosis may be another competitive advantage of Santa Catarina’s agribusiness. Cidasc veterinarians carry out health education on rural properties throughout the state on a daily basis, demonstrating the importance of certification for the appreciation of the herd and in reducing the losses of the rural producer with the losses that occur due to diseases in the herd.

Karina points out that approximately 500 thousand tests are carried out every year to analyze the presence of zoonoses in the Santa Catarina herd. The Santa Catarina herd can be vaccinated with a RB51 sample, following the rules of the Technical Regulation of the Bovine and Bubaline Brucellosis Eradication Program in the State, updated in July 2017, by Portaria SAR n ° 19/2017.

The use of mass vaccination, with B19, is recommended only for states that have high rates of the disease, therefore it is prohibited in Santa Catarina to avoid unnecessary costs for producers and interference in diagnostic tests.

Source: Government of Santa Catarina


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