Santa Filomena speaks after sale to the Hapvida System


This Tuesday (29) morning, the Hapvida system announced the purchase of the Santa Filomena group, one of the most traditional in Rio Claro in the health area. Late this afternoon, Santa Filomena released a note to the Rio-Clarense community, in which commented on the negotiation. Check out the full note:

“We are living in a historic moment in our journey and we would like to share with the whole city, the birthplace where we were born and are welcomed daily!

As everyone knows, the Santa Filomena Group has followed a strong expansion plan for the past 10 years. For this reason, we are very happy to announce that we have made a commitment to bring the health operator Hapvida even closer.

With approximately 6.4 million customers, the Hapvida System today positions itself as one of the largest supplementary health systems in Brazil. Present in all regions of the country, generating employment and income for society. The operators of Grupo São Francisco and RN Saúde are part of the System, in addition to the operator Hapvida. It works with more than 30 thousand direct employees involved in the operation, more than 15 thousand doctors and more than 15 thousand dentists.

The superlative figures show the success of a strategy based on the direct management of the operation and constant investments: there are currently 40 hospitals, 184 medical clinics, 41 emergency rooms, 174 diagnostic imaging centers and laboratory collection.

The acquisition is not limited to just our modern and large Hospital. The Santa Filomena Group is comprised of the health operator Filosanitas, the Hospital Santa Filomena, three medical clinics and a diagnostic imaging center!

As a result, the Santa Filomena Health Plan ceases to be local and becomes part of a national network. The city now has more of this health service option! The services and services that are our trademark will be enhanced by the reach of the Hapvida network.

In addition, the size of this company, combined with its policy of bringing health to all, will make health plans more accessible. In other words, the entire community in Rio Grande do Sul benefits from this process, increasing the chance of accessing quality health services at an even fairer price!

One of the factors that made this operation feasible was Hapvida’s understanding of the differentials of our Group that, through the engagement of employees, are able to deliver a product with a high level of quality to our customers. The humanization you find here will be maintained, in addition to our excellent clinical staff and the other good services you already enjoy.

With the partnership in question we believe that we will become an even more differentiated Health Group in the city, which will certainly provide growth and strength to our customers, employees and clinical staff.

This new growth challenge will be conducted safely, and all practices and operations will remain unchanged. Thus, Employees, Clients, Clinical Staff, Hospital, Health Plan and Service Units will continue as they are today. Don’t worry, we are adding efforts to grow together!

The conclusion of the transaction, as usual, is subject to the successful negotiation of the respective contractual acquisition instruments and their respective formalizations, which also involves the satisfactory conduct of the legal, accounting and operational due diligence procedures still in progress, as well as as well as the appraisal and approval by Organs regulatory bodies.

The fastest growing Health Group in Rio Claro and region continues to expand to offer our work and what we do best: bringing health to you!

Best regards,
Santa Filomena Health Group ”


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