Santos Council approves opening of impeachment and removes president Peres – 09/28/2020


The Santos Deliberative Council approved the opinion of the Inquiry and Inquiry Commission (CIS) which suggested the opening of the impeachment process against President José Carlos Peres. There were 161 votes in favor of the opinion, six against and nine abstentions. The agent was immediately removed from office.

Now, Peres will be out of his post until the end of the impeachment process. A General Assembly of Members will be called for the final decision: the member may vote to remove the president from office or keep him. The final decision is made by the Assembly.

There was much discussion about the president being entitled to a deadline to present a new defense before the CIS opinion, but advisers denied the new deadline. Peres already faced a General Assembly of Members in his first year of management, when the members of Peixe voted for the continuation of the mandate in office.

CIS also indicated the removal of all members of the Peres Management Committee (CG), with the exception of Vice President Orlando Rollo, who has been removed from management by his own choice for over a year. It is Rollo who should take over the club in the absence of Peres and will be able to nominate a new CG.

The term of the current president of Santos ends at the end of this year and the elections are scheduled for the first half of December. By virtue of the statute, no purchase or sale of a player can be made in the last three months of the term, that is, from October 1st.


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