Sarah Paulson talks about her relationship with Holland Taylor: “I met an older woman, I fell in love and that seems strange to others”


With the series debut Ratched, from Netflix, in which Sarah Paulson gives life to the main character, the relationship of the actress with her partner and professional colleague Holland Taylor, was spoken again. Paulson, 45, and Taylor, 77, started dating five years ago.

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Sarah Paulson laments that homosexuality is still a taboo topic in certain areas and considers that the fight for the rights of the LGBTQIA + community must continue. “In almost a hundred countries it is still a crime. Supporting people being detained and sentenced is just terrible ”, he declared. “Do we not understand that sexual orientation is something private? It often happens that if you are a homosexual, you have to talk about it. Suddenly any other aspect of work or personality takes second place. I never felt that there was a part of me that woke up or came out of the closet ”, continued.

About the relationship, Taylor had already given an interview to WNYC in 2015, where he spoke, among other topics, about marriage. “I have a relationship with a woman. As far as getting married is not something that I believe will happen automatically, due to my age. But she spoke of it and, from a spiritual point of view, it is a beautiful gesture that I would like to make ”, said, then at the age of 72, at a time when it was not yet revealed who was the companion of the actress.

“Between me and her there is a big difference in years. I’m sure it impresses many people ”, he explained at the time, stating that he did not understand the expression “coming out of the closet”. “I have been fighting this. My relationships have been with women, but I don’t like to talk about it. It seems to me that we are ridiculous in this country. It is very strange that I talk about my current partner or the previous ones and that I still have to hear the question “So you came out of the closet?” No, I never left, because I’m out, I live out ”, he declared.

In the interview with Elle magazine, Pauson spoke about the age difference between the two. “I met a woman older than me and fell in love with her and that to others seems fascinating and strange, but for me it is the least interesting detail about my life. The same is true of cinema and discrimination against women. The fact that it is a topic of conversation means that something is wrong in society ”he commented.

Although at first the relationship between the two was lived out of the spotlight, since it was made public it is common to see them together on the red carpet, in prize giving and also on social networks.


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