Scientists discover that chitin may be the perfect material to build on Mars – Casa Vogue


Scientists discover that chitin may be the perfect material to build on Mars (Photo: Getty Images)

Travel to others planets they are no longer such a distant reality for human beings. Over the past few years, several researches are being developed to make these experiences possible. A fundamental new step for this was taken this week, through a study led by scientist Javier Fernandez, from the Singapore University of Technology and Design. According to the researcher, chitin, an organic polymer easily found in Terra, can be used to build tools and shelters in Mars.

Produced and metabolized by organisms in most biological kingdoms, chitin can be found in fungi, exoskeletons of arthropods, such as crustaceans and insects, and in the scales of fish and amphibians. In the study, the scientist and a group of researchers mixed chitin with a mineral designed to mimic the properties found in Mars’ soil. With the material generated, Fernandez realized that it is possible to manufacture objects quickly and with minimum energy requirements. In addition, the mixture created does not require high amounts of water, which is essential for constructions on Martian soil.

In contrast, other materials have already been studied for the construction of settlements on Mars and have not shown optimistic results. Concrete, for example, requires high amounts of water that are not found on the planet.

“The technology was originally developed to create circular ecosystems in urban environments, but due to its efficiency, it is also the most efficient and scalable method for producing materials in a closed artificial ecosystem in the extremely scarce environment of a lifeless planet or satellite,” he explained. the researcher.


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