Scientists find Earth-sized planet that “moves like clockwork”


Astronomers from different countries announced, on Monday (9/21), the discovery of a planet the size of the Earth and that revolves around its star every 3.14 days. The team of scientists is led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technologi (MIT), in the United States.

The sphere, called “Planet Pi” in reference to the mathematical calculation that uses the Greek letter “π” and whose value is 3.14, has already attracted the attention of researchers since 2017.


At first, there were no comments about the planet until, this year, astronomers confirmed that it was a sphere like the Earth, which orbits a star just as we orbit the Sun.

However, while it takes 365 days to revolve around our star, “Planet Pi” only takes 3.14 days. In addition, the Sun of the world has a mass equivalent to one fifth of ours.

“The planet moves like clockwork,” said Prajwal Nitaula, the study’s author, published in the Astronomical Journal. Despite the small Sun, the “Pi” orbit is narrow, so the sphere comes very close to the star.

Thus, according to the researchers, K2-315b, as it is also known, may not be a good candidate for life, as the surface temperature can reach 176 ° C.

However, astronomers said that more studies will be carried out on the planet in order to prove or not any possibility of life.


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