“Scroll trip”. Portugal under the eyes of foreign travelers. What do they say about us? – World


The hashtags took my trip on Instagram, in turn, to the trip of beautiful foreigners to another very visited and posted point: Palácio da Pena, in Sintra. Take the case of @ nadin9e, who was ecstatic with the colors and architecture of the Palace and Sintra. But it is a very usual type of post and one that we can be very proud of. Welcome, girls!

Something caught my attention, between trips and subtitles in different languages ​​of these travelers: they flutter their dresses in the middle of the arcades of the Jerónimos Monastery, or near the National Pantheon, or… finally, through the beautiful streets of downtown. I especially selected @ maria¬_ponomaryova and also the colors of @dasha_in_portugal’s dress to match our sky above the Pantheon.

Then, in more autumn looks, we do a ‘like’ on @ dunisha18 that reflects on Lisbon, near the Basilica da Estrela, and invites like this: “open your eyes”. Open your eyes, in this age, to life. How good that Dunisha was inspired by us and us, like this! Also, we found the smile of people like @redhead_rozy in Parque Eduardo Sétimo. On a plane that makes us smile, without brake, with her because the photograph shows the grandeur of this landscape and the history of the Park that ends, down there, in the Tagus … marinated by the sun. You see, she captured our essence there in another part of the Lisbon center.

And, finally, doing a kind of ‘stopover’, @worldwidewandress challenges us in Lisbon with its beauty and with the fantastic mural that photographed there. Do you recognize? ‘Graffiti’ or graffiti art is increasingly, in this careful style, everywhere … and she travels the world in this capture. And she is one of the mysterious travelers who leaves her followers wondering about this point in Lisbon.

And, for today, I am observing from their perspective how Lisbon, Portugal, is one of the most desired destinations on the European continent. How Lisbon radiates smiles in posts and mysteries that make our travelers reflect. And even though many of us don’t travel, we are voyeurs of the beauties and idiosyncrasies of the Planet, through the scroll. And publishing about it, in the form of an image, is fantastic. In fact, I’m beginning to think that I should create an Instagram page just for the photos of my trips, because the photo ‘drawers’ are full and unpublished. But today I am looking at how my ‘fellow’ explorers, owners of other languages, like to stroll around Lisbon, photographing moments and riding in flowing dresses. Come back often!


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