Seagate promises the world’s largest HDD for December, with 20TB of capacity


The company’s first HAMR drive marks the debut of the Exos 20+ series, with immense capacity

A Seagate promised to launch the biggest HDD in the world in December this year. The new series Exos 20+ of the company brings its greatest feat even in its name: offering 20TB capacity for consumers. To achieve such high storage numbers, the Exos 20+ series debuts a new technology from Seagate, called HAMR.

HAMR is an acronym for heat-assisted magnetic recording – heat assisted magnetic recording. The technology heats the drive’s disks temporarily, as the heated material is more receptive to the magnetic data recording process. Thus, it is possible to store the information in smaller physical areas of the drive, allowing a higher density of capacity per disk, which results in products reaching 20TB and maintaining the standard commercial physical size.

The Exos 20+ line debuts with traditional models of 3.5 ” with 20TB and also with an 18TB alternative. Seagate hasn’t said much about the performance of the drives yet, but the PCMag says it has already been reported that they will use less than 12W to operate, while offering up to 7200RPM frequency. The promise is to achieve 261 MB / s in both read and write speeds.

Unfortunately, Seagate has not yet talked about pricing or a more accurate release date. Arriving in December, it is speculated that they should be launched near Christmas, when the market as a whole is well heated in almost all its segments. And, if 20TB is still not enough for its archive collection – whatever they may be – Seagate has already promised that even greater capacities using HAMR technology should arrive soon. No wonder the series is called Exos 20+, because it will start from 20TB for more.

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Also according to PCMag, some Seagate customers already have drive prototypes with HAMR technology at hand to test, which has resulted in some leaks about the technology and its models previously. But these are not exactly the same products that we will see coming in December

Via: Connected World Source: PCMag


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