Seagate unveils new drives with 20TB of capacity


Although SSD disk technology has evolved considerably in recent years, there is still a need to use mechanical disks with regard to storage space, as these can provide – in most cases – more capacity at lower costs.

With that in mind, Seagate revealed that it is preparing a new technology that could revolutionize the hard disk market, and that there is even the possibility of the company revealing its new 20TB disk – the first with this capacity on the market.

Dubbed the Exos 20+, this new disc and its technologies were revealed during the Datasphere 2020 event, where the company confirmed that the model could hit the market in late 2020.

To achieve this capability, Seagate will use a new technology dubbed HAMR, or Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording. HAMR consists of a technique of slightly heating the plates of the disk so that the data can be stored in smaller areas, thus allowing to increase the density per plate.

According to the company, the Exos 20+ series should provide energy consumption of around 12W, with the disk speed being found in the traditional 7200 rpm, being possible to obtain read and write speeds above 260MB / s. Although these values ​​are not really in focus in view of SSD technologies, the final storage capacity is undoubtedly the central point of attention.

According to Seagate, there is also a forecast that the discs on the market will reach the capacity of 30TB by mid 2023, and an impressive 50TB by 2026.


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