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Pedro Xavier, 32, surprised the Caldeirão audience last Saturday, 9/19, by taking the R $ 150 thousand, the second biggest since the debut of Quem Quer Ser Um Milionário. The anesthesiologist worked on the front line against the coronavirus and plans to build a home for the family – an 11-month-old baby and the pregnant woman with the second child.

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Gshow got in touch with Pedro to understand how his life is, now that he has entered the Millionaire’s “Hall of Fame”. The SUS doctor told his regrets and strategies in the game.

During the question of R $ 20 thousand, he had to use the help fifty-fifty. Pedro reveals that he regretted having chosen to use help in this matter.

“I regret having used the help of fifty-fifty in the ‘Back to the Future’ question. It is interesting, whenever possible, to leave help for the third block of questions – the naturally more difficult ones. (… ) I feared to respond directly and not get it right, being forced to abandon the game at the beginning. After confirmation, I realized that I should have trusted my reasoning – since in 1915 (the answer), the world was experiencing the First World War. ”

Pedro Xavier uses the help half and half in the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ of the ‘Caldeirão’ – Photo: Globo

Another help used by Pedro was during the question of R $ 100 thousand, two plastic artists Osgemeos. The participant requested a call to Ana Luiza, who managed to give the answer in less than 15 seconds. It was no accident. He says that in addition to being quick with internet research, the two trained together a few days earlier. “It certainly helped with the speed of the response.”

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Pedro Xavier asks Ana Luiza for help in ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ in a question from Osgemeos – Photo: Globo

About the repercussion on social networks, he is very happy with the affection. Pedro even sent a video thanking the audience!

Pedro Xavier thanks the public for their support in the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ challenge

In addition to the messages of support, many people commented on physical similarities between him and actor Luciano Szafir. He replies that he found the comparison funny.

“The vast majority of people [nas redes sociais] shows empathy and supports the participant. In addition, it was funny and curious how so many people thought I looked like the actor Luciano Szafir. “

The anesthesiologist was looking for a higher value to build the dream house but says he is satisfied with the R $ 150 thousand: “I expected to return with at least R $ 100 thousand”.

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To end the interview, he makes a statement to his family:

“I owe my wife the participation in the game for registration: she was my great supporter. And my preparation, my father’s encouragement to practice reading and the curiosity he always tried to arouse in me.”

The anesthesiologist Pedro Xavier won R $ 150 thousand in ‘Quem Quer Ser Milionário’, in Caldeirão. Couple will have second child – Photo: Globo

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