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The numbers for Timemania’s 1539 contest drawn by Caixa today (19) were 08-23-26-31-44-59-78. Whoever spikes the seven dozen will receive a prize estimated at R $ 3 million. VASCO DA GAMA / RJ was the team of the heart drawn.

In the last draw, made on September 17, no one hit the seven tens, which resulted in the accumulated prize of today’s contest.

How do I participate in the next Timemania draw?

You need to place a ten-number bet, plus the heart team, in the lotteries accredited by Caixa, or on the bank’s special lottery website. Each contest draws seven numbers and a team from the heart. Bets can be placed until 7 pm on the day of the draw.

How much does it cost to bet on Timemania?

There is only one type of bet: 10 numbers and the heart team. For this you pay R $ 3.00.

And what are my chances of winning in Timemania?

As there is only one way to bet, the chance to win the main prize, with seven hits, is one in 26,472,637. To hit six numbers, the chance is one in 216,103. The heart team is easier: one in 80.

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