See who voted for whom in the third garden of A Fazenda 12 – A Fazenda


Rodrigo Moraes, Juliano Ceglia and Biel will have the chance to return from the race as a Farmer

The third vote for the Roça shook the headquarters structures The Farm 12. This Tuesday night (29), gathered justifications of votes based on “love” and much discussion. The result could only be one: fire in the hay!

Farmer Carol Narizinho appointed Rodrigo Moraes. But it was the five-vote tie between Tays Reis and Raissa Barbosa, which made the tension increase even more among the pedestrians. Jakelyne Oliveira’s vote was decisive: Raissa Barbosa was the next nominee for Roça and joined Rodrigo. Then the paoa pulled Biel out of the stall.

The pawn that occupied the last “stool” was Cartolouco in the dynamics of Resta Um. Only then, Lipe Ribeiro entered the scene with the Power of Green Flame. The pawn took Cartolouco da Roça and put Juliano Ceglia in his place.

Three of the nominees will take the Farmer’s Test this Wednesday (30th): Rodrigo Moraes, Biel and Juliano Ceglia. Raissa Barbosa is directly in Roça with no right to participate in the activity, since it was vetoed by Juliano.

See below how was the Formation of the Roça and who voted for whom:


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