SEF denies ANA Aeroportos and rejects responsibilities for gathering 1400 people at Lisbon airport – Society


The images quickly multiplied on social networks: they show queues that seem endless and that caused a gathering of passengers, this Sunday, at Lisbon Airport, in the arrivals area, precisely in the area of ​​sanitary control, where it appears that travelers have negative Covid-19 test, required to enter Portugal.

According to the CM, the situation was due to the arrival of at least 12 flights almost simultaneously (five from Brazil, four from North America and three from Africa). Passengers had to wait about an hour to be able to go through sanitary control, under the responsibility of the Aliens and Borders Service, before they could proceed to the control of passports and e-gates.

To Correio da Manhã, official source of ANA Aeroportos confirms “that there was a punctual constraint, with the generation of a longer queue, this morning”, sending details about the operation of the sanitary control zone to SEF. The entity states that “as usual, ANA shared the list of flights with SEF so that they can adapt their means”.

Employees were deployed “to support passengers and maintain physical distance, in order to ensure the best conditions”, assures ANA Aeroportos, in face of the CM’s questions about the crowd of people seen in the images, and which disrespects the rules decreed by DGS .

SEF rejects “any responsibilities”
The Foreigners and Borders Service, rejected in a statement “any responsibilities in the agglomeration of passengers registered this morning”, adding that between 7:25 am and 9:45 am there was an landing of 18 flights and the arrival of about 1400 passengers.

“It is not the responsibility of the Service to control the social distance between each of the passengers during the wait”, defends the SEF, which denies that ANA Aeroportos has sent passenger support officials to the place. “During this period, no elements from ANA Aeroportos were present, only SEF inspectors, PSP elements and elements from the laboratory responsible for carrying out the tests”, guarantees the SEF.

Another reason cited was a “delay in the arrival of a flight from Dakar (…) and an irregularity on the part of ANA Aeroportos, verified with the flight from Fortaleza that landed at port 42” and that forced the circulation of passengers in the opposite direction and generating a greater number of people.

SEF says that, in this morning’s operations, “7 to 10 inspectors were assigned to do the documentary control and the test control to Covid-19”, when there are usually 5 SEF inspectors performing this function at Lisbon airport.


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