Sertanejo Hudson does facial harmonization and approves: ‘I was in need’ – 09/30/2020


The countryman Hudson Cadorini, 48 years old, Edson’s brother, was subjected to facial harmonization. He says that, with the coming of age, he started to worry about “some little things” and approved the result because “he didn’t lose the features of his face”.

“It is the first harmonization I did. I was in need. I felt that with the age coming, some little things were bothering me”, he told Quem.

He admits that he was afraid of “changing the features of the face”, but was pleased with the result.

“I was afraid of being artificial. There are people who are young and don’t need to do it. In my case, I was in need. Doctor Igor rescued me, gave some almost imperceptible nuances and, at the same time, people are noticing. I’m much younger , people are saying that “, he celebrated.

Husdson says that he does not consider himself vain, but that, as an artist, he needs to “show a nice image”. “Our face is our business card, it is in photos, album covers. We stop aging, we will not go, but if it is possible to delay, it is good, right?”, He said.


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