Sevidores pay tribute to health worker killed by COVID-19 – General


Health post servers stopped activities for moneagera colleague killed by COVID-19 (photo: Sindibel collection archive)

One minute silence and several manifestations of to weigh, were the ways that colleagues at Community Health Agent (ACS) Márcia Aparecida Aquino de Oliveira, 57 years old, to honor her this morning. They stopped activities at the São Joaquim Health Center, in the northeast of the capital, at 11:30 am, and headed for the unit’s door.

Márcia died at dawn on Sunday, victim of COVID-19, after three days of hospitalization. She was the first community agent to die from the disease, and four other health professionals from the Belo Horizonte City Hall also died after contracting the coronavirus.

According to colleagues, Márcia was very active in her work and was also a member of the local health council committee. He left three children.

The professional was admitted to the ICU of a private hospital, according to Sindbel, and worked for two days with symptoms of the disease, before admission.

Union president Israel Arimar said that there are 2,500 Community Health Agents working in Belo Horizonte, visiting an average of 30 households per day, and that at the beginning of the pandemic they did not receive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“The union had to sue the courts to guarantee this security material. Until then, they had only been instructed to keep their distance from the patients visited. And they only received PPE after a court order. ”

According to the union president at the post, around 80 professionals work. He recalled the performance of the ACS in the region and his riot caused a commotion among the patients seen at the unit. Israel called on the population to safeguard their own health and that of their SUS colleagues by following the recommendations of health authorities.

The report awaits official positioning by PBH.


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