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The life of production engineer Wilton Vacari Filho, 31, changed last Friday (25) after seeing himself as one of the protagonists of the shack that became an issue in Brazil this weekend. He was the driver of the convertible two women through the streets of Leblon.

The girls were two of his friends Priscilla Dornelles and Sheila. Wilson was going home and leaving the women in another location. On the way, they decided to stop at Rua Dias Ferreira, in Leblon, “to see the movement”.

With the traffic stopped, the friends danced and kissed inside the powerful when, bothered, the architect Aline Cristina Araújo Silva, 37, decided to throw water bottles in the car “put out the fire” of the trio.

“Walking in a bikini and giving a kiss on the mouth has become embarrassment now? In today’s world, seeing two women kissing or a triple kiss is the most normal thing in the world. No one there was criticizing us. She is a repressed woman who was jealous of two beautiful women having fun “, said Wilton in an interview with the newspaper Extra.

In his social networks, the engineer introduces himself as Wil, has almost five thousand followers. He says that the repercussion of the episode in no way affected his social life, so much so that the trio went to a nightclub shortly after the event.

“I woke up the next day with my friends from London sending me the videos (with the scenes of the confusion). I confess that I was scared. I can’t answer everyone. There are over a thousand messages,” he says.

Like Priscilla and Sheila, Wilton intends to sue Aline for defamation.

“This story is unfortunate, it exposed my image thanks to an unbalanced couple. She had a chance to redeem herself the next day, apologizing. But she preferred to buy a fight by making things up that I would never do in public, saying that my friends are girls program without even knowing them. In fact, they work and share the bar bill with me “, he explained.

Scheila’s version
Now known as one of the girls who drove in a bikini in a convertible through Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro, Scheila Mack published a video giving her version of the facts and saying that she does not regret the slap she gave the architect Aline Araújo, after she played a bottle of water on your back. “I got hit, I shot back. Am I right? I think I am. I’m sure I don’t deserve to be beaten for nothing,” she says. “I didn’t knock for nothing”.

The episode happened over the weekend and moved social media after videos with the scene went viral. The images show Scheila getting out of the car and slapping the architect. Then she runs back to the convertible and a man follows her and pulls up the top of her bikini.

The architect said that the three people in the car – in addition to Scheila, her friend, Priscilla Dornelles, and friend Will Vacari – were doing “foreplay” as if they were in a “porn video”. She claimed that she acted because she was with children at a bar table and considered it an indecent exposure.

Scheila denies this version and says that everyone who saw the video can see that there was only one kiss. “Friday night, leaving the post-beach, we were in a bikini, because we lived on the beach. Enjoying our vibe, our wave, we had drunk. We were with the top open, the car is convertible. Talking, laughing, with a loud sound. When we pass on a busier street and I hear a girl say: ‘Slut.’ I looked to the side and she with the most debauched face sends me a kiss. I thought it was unnecessary, I even laughed, I said ‘Does she want to participate?’ . “, she begins.

The car went a little further – that’s when things got worse. “Not satisfied with not being able to get my attention, she touches a bottle of water on my back, just when I was bending down showing Will’s cell phone. So much so that I was in the back seat and both of them in the front. she talked about orgy, she doesn’t have … Just watch the video, facts are facts, she didn’t have that “, she points out.

Scheila says she was very nervous when she received the bottle. “I took the bottle on my back, I looked directly at her, because I already knew it was her, because she had already messed with me. She in the greatest debauchery sends me another kiss. Since I don’t have cockroach blood, at the time my reaction was to jump out of the car I just jumped and didn’t know what I was going to do, I jumped because I got really angry, I don’t accept being beaten for free. When I jumped, she said to me: ‘Come’. I went. I hit back, I hit back. Am I right? I think I am. I’m sure I don’t deserve to be caught for nothing “, she says.

She also made sure she hit Aline – in the video she made after the incident, the architect says she managed to deviate. “I hit, I hit, she didn’t shy away, okay? I hit hard and it was a good hit. When I saw a man, he got up from the table, the table had a lot of men and that reminds me of a teenager, they weren’t two children When he got up, already to hit me, I already ran out, I jumped in the car. He came and managed to take off part of my bikini. And that’s what happened “, he reports

Scheila ends the video by teasing, implying that Aline was jealous of the scene she saw. “The part of the video that you see is the part that we are already walking, she was already cursing me, she was already confronting me … I just want to be at peace, I want her to be at peace too. I’m not angry with her. My dear, a kiss for you. I really hope that you have peace of mind and that you can find yourself in this life so as not to be jealous of others. If your goal is what we were enjoying, what we were going through, one day you get there “, he says.

Scheila does not cite her intention to sue Aline – in the videos she recorded, and then deleted, the architect says that Scheila and Priscilla would be “girls of life” and “drugged”. Priscila and Will have already said they will take legal action.

“For the record, I’m an engineer at Petrobras with a public contract, I don’t pay women. My friends are women who work, and support themselves. I don’t play anybody because I don’t need that,” said Will to columnist Léo Dias, from Metrópoles. “The videos are circulating in my workgroups and that tarnishes my image in front of my company. I will sue the architect and the cowardly man who assaulted Scheila inside my car. I was injured. Even my grandmother received these videos”, she revolts .

Architect said she was with children and was bothered by “inappropriate” scene (Photo: Reproduction)

He said it is normal to ride with friends in his convertible. “I always drive with my hood open with my friends, for me it’s a natural thing, whoever is my friend or accompanies me on Insta knows that I do this every week. I came kissing one, then another, then they kissed. Something more than normal for today’s society. I do this every big week, I would never go to Leblon, where I am a child, making obscene or preliminary scenes. It was what the girl found an excuse to try to relieve her mistake a little ”, she says.

Priscilla said she was defamed. “What she did was defamation. I’m not a call girl and neither is Scheila. Will did not hire us, he is our friend. We were having fun. We spent the afternoon riding a boat and on the way home we decided to stop by to see the movement on that street. I will sue for libel and defamation “he guaranteed.“ Everything she said is a lie. She made no obscene gesture. Me and Sheila met yesterday and there was only a few kisses and that was it. I am a student and I work with a live application ”.


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