Shattered, Maria Rueff mourns death: “It will be so missed …”


Actress Maria Rueff opened her heart on Instagram.

Jorge Salavisa passed away this Monday, the 28th. The dancer and choreographer, who directed the Ballet Gulbenkian and the National Ballet Company, died at the age of 81.

On social media, several personalities from the entertainment world have already reacted to the news. It was the case of Maria Rueff.

“Nobil√≠ssimo Jorge Salavisa … Dear Professor .. So, so sad. It will be so missed … Oh, dear friend, I am broken. I can’t even find words to tell you how much. Rest in peace, but promise to keep looking at everyone. and looking at everyone equally, as he always did. We are with his superior example. Thank you “, wrote actress, not Instagram.

See, now, some of the best images of Maria Rueff, in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.


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