shooting – Drama in court: Picture going astray


The trial against four people who are accused of trying to kill a man on Good Friday last year, was abruptly interrupted on Tuesday.

The explanation for one of the charges came towards the end, when public prosecutor Tonje Thønder asked if the man had taken pictures during the court proceedings.

What she was referring to was a picture taken by the offended party while he was testifying on Monday.

The picture was affixed with the text “silent” and spread on social media. In addition, the same text was placed on a screenshot of the man’s Facebook photo.

– Would scare

Illegal photography

The angle from which the photo was taken indicated that someone on the bench had taken the photo. The judge in the case has on several occasions explained that it is not allowed to take pictures without approval while the court is set.

– Are there any of you in custody who have mobile phones, the public prosecutor asked.

– No, the defendants and several lawyers answered in unison.

– The other phones are confiscated, the public prosecutor said and drew attention to one of the accused who was holding his mobile phone in his hand.

– Put down your phone, ordered public prosecutor Thønder.

TAKEN: The public prosecutor seized the phones. Photo: Øistein Monsen / Dagbladet
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Admitted violation of ban

The public prosecutor had secured a decision in advance from police attorney Christian Hatlo, and the police guards in the courtroom seized two of the defendants’ mobile phones. Both reacted strongly to the fact that they were deprived of their phones and thought it was illegal.

The other defendant, an 18-year-old man who is not currently in custody, admitted that he had taken the photo, but not that he had published it on social media.

Brutal fighting triggered wild shooting at school

Brutal fighting triggered wild shooting at school


– This says a bit about how hard this environment is, says public prosecutor Tonje Thønder to Dagbladet

The “case in the case” has not been completed and the prosecution wants to gather more information about the incident. On the other hand, all the charges have now been explained in court.

Two defendants have admitted to having shot at the car that a 35-year-old man was sitting in. Both thought the shots were only meant to intimidate. The other two people on the indictment bench have explained that they were in the area, but deny having anything to do with the shooting episode.

Yesterday, several people were expelled from the area around the courthouse after shouting insults at the offended 35-year-old. He chose to leave the district court in Oslo so as not to create more unrest than necessary.

The incident happened at Mortensrud, the night before Good Friday, April 10 last year. The penalty for attempted murder is 21 years in prison.


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