Shot by police: – Wife:


BOLKESJØ (Dagbladet): A day has passed since a man in his 30s was shot and killed by the police in a dormitory at the disused tourist hotel by Bolkesjø in Notodden.

The man leaves behind four children and a stepson he saw every day.

In the house in Notodden, his 34-year-old wife sits in the family’s living room. In a shelf, the youngest one-year-old puts his toys.

The wife says that the two have been separated, but that they lived together and worked to find each other again. A chance they never get.

Two have the status of suspects

– He needed help

The wife chooses to talk to Dagbladet because she is afraid of how her husband will be portrayed in the media.

– He was the best father for his child. And a real father for my son, who has another father, she says.

The 34-year-old mother of two says that the man who was shot and killed by the police was sorry for every day he was not allowed to be with the children.

– He was sad and depressed and sometimes talked about taking his own life. But someone who calls his friends when he is down does not take his life. He needed help and just wanted someone to see him and love him, she tells Dagbladet.

DESCRIBE THE DRAMA: Hans Erik Børjesson and Niklas Lind spoke with the neighbor of the man who was shot and killed by the police in Notodden on Tuesday 22 September. Video: Øistein Monsen
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She says she has never seen the man be threatening or violent towards anyone. She also believes that he did not have access to weapons.

– He could be tough with words, but inside he was a sensitive man, says the mother of two.


According to Tollef Skobba, who is the woman and the child’s assistance lawyer, statements that weapons have been seized are based on a misunderstanding.

It is said to have been the police officers’ service weapons that were seized by the special unit.

– He never had a weapon and he was not a criminal. Few really knew him and knew how he felt. He was very kind, she says.

DRIVEN BY FARM: The deceased was driven from the scene night to Wednesday. Photo: Øistein Norum Monsen / Dagbladet
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There is still a lot of the course of events that is unclear and there are a lot of rumors in the village of Notodden.

She criticizes the police for not getting good and enough information.

– The police contacted her out of the blue on the phone and stated that her husband had been shot by the police. And was dead. it has hit her hard, says Tollef Skobba, who works in the law firm Hasle.

He perceives that the mother of two is in shock after what has happened.

To Dagbladet, the woman explains that she is far down and has children that she must take care of in a very demanding situation.

SHOT BY POLICE: The mayor of Notodden municipality, Gry Fuglestveit, will offer crisis teams to those involved after a man was shot by the police on Tuesday afternoon. Video: Øistein Norum Monsen
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– Tragic

It was police officers from Notodden police station who moved out to Bolkesjø yesterday afternoon.

Station manager Helge Folserås now wants to take care of his employees after the serious incident.

– It is tragic when such things happen and the police have to do such things, says Helge Folserås to Dagbladet.

– The police officers who were involved are taken care of with colleague support and receive the services that are needed, says Folserås.

SHOT: A man in his 30s died of his injuries after being shot by the police at Bolkesjø in Telemark. The special unit is now investigating the case.
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The officials involved are debriefed.

Folserås can not say anything about the course of events and refers to the special unit. He has not received any information indicating that the police officers who were at work yesterday have been taken out of service.

– We are well prepared for the tasks in society, but this is a very special event for us, says the station manager.


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