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OUT: Kristin Gjelsvik and Catalin Mihu after the defeat. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Kristin Gjelsvik (33) gave the iron, but still smoked out of “Skal vi danse” on Saturday.

– The best thing is all the nice people I have gotten to know. Incredibly sorry, a disappointed Gjelsvik said to the presenters after reading the result.

When VG gets the 33-year-old to speak, she admits that it is “sick shit” to have to give up.

– It’s so sad, but you have to try to keep your composure. My God, it’s “just” a competition, says the influencer.

Gjelsvik feels lucky to have been able to “play” on the floor for several weeks.

– I have nothing to complain about – at all. It’s been an adventure and I’m grateful. The goal was not to break out first, and I did.

Got with you? This participant was the first to smoke

FAREWELL: Kristin Gjelsvik must leave her rivals. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

– Why do you think it ended the way it did tonight?

– It’s about taste and pleasure. Tonight we did not go home with either the judges or the viewers. I have to take that as a woman, Gjelsvik answers.

– What are you going to do tomorrow?

– Tomorrow I’m just going to be with family. Have quality time with my boys. So it’s not a pity for me, says the blog celebrity, who is cohabiting with Dennis Poppe (who she fell in love with during “Paradise Hotel” in 2012) and has a son of one and a half years with him.

OUTSIDE: Kristin Gjelsvik and Catalin Mihu in tonight’s performance. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

The other celebrity dancers who ended up among the three with the lowest score were host Synnøve Skarbø (49) and YouTuber Agnete “Agnetesh” Husebye (24).

Kristin and dance partner Catalin Mihu (26) also ended up in the danger zone last Saturday and felt the pressure before tonight’s broadcast.

– It is extra nerve-wracking today, because it was really hard to be on the bottom, Gjelsvik explained to VG on Saturday morning, a few hours before broadcast.

Saturday’s theme was show dance – and the description “The wildest night of the year” meant that the participants had to swing to songs that TV viewers had never heard before in the history of the dance program. But the judges were so pleased that it took three decades.

SHOW DANCE: Nate and Helene in turn. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Nathan “Nate” Kahungu (24) and Helen Spilling (24) used to impress the judges. They did that now too. Even the audience in the hall rose in applause.

– This is a party and very fun! thought Tore Petterson.

– Now you deliver 110 percent! Very good! thought Trine Dehli Cleve.

– Absolutely raw! boasted Egor Filipenko.

– The best party dance I have seen, said Merete Lingjærde and gave the first ten of the autumn.

They also got a ten from Petterson – and secured a total of 38 points.

This is the highest score so far this fall.

Intimidated by favorite stamp

During the break, Nate tells FaceTime to VG that the choreography was not set as it should be until Friday.

– But we have practiced an incredible amount. Now everything is just joy and happiness. I’m ecstatic, says the “Love Island” celebrity about the points triumph.

But his favorite stamp scares him.

– It puts pressure on me, and I get performance anxiety. It is not the one who stays at the same level through the competition who is the best, but the one who shows the most progression. I want to improve, he says.

Nate hopes viewers agree with the judges.

– You never know with them at home, but knock on the table, says the 24-year-old, who thinks Thomas Alsgaard collects TV votes despite the lukewarm referee response.

– I know that Thomas melted many hearts with his dance, laughs Nate.

OL-DANS: Thomas and Rikke. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Thomas Alsgaard (48) and Rikke Lund (24) danced to “Ol-Floka”, something Alsgaard said to VG on Friday was more than challenging.

Background: Hope people understand that we have not chosen ourselves

– Trustworthy and jovial, said Lingjærde, who still thought it was the best Olympic team she had seen.

– How do you judge this in a way? This is high low culture, laughed Petterson.

– I understand Rikke’s despair when she got this song, Cleve said.

– I have had a little too much influence, Thomas thought about the choreography and added with a laugh: – It will not happen again.

The pair scored 29 points.

LIFT: Andreas and Mai. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Andreas Wahl (37) and Mai Mentzoni (26) have always placed high on the judges’ points list. They scored high again this time.

– Now I thought of all the parents who had finally put their kids to sleep again, Cleve said after the dance to the tunes from “Baby Shark”.

– Legend cult. Completed. Great, Filipenko thought.

– I have heard this song 37 times a day now, so I am completely koko, Andreas said after the performance.

The pair scored a total of 35 points.

SEXY DANCE: Michael and Ewa. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Michael Andreassen (48) and Ewa Trela ​​(41) have so far received a mixed reception from the jury. Today they charmed.

– I hope that the kids who watched “Baby Shark” have gone to bed, Lingjærde said about the sexy performance of the song “Sexy And I Know It”.

– What a fantastic energy. I’m impressed, Petterson praised.

Michael and Ewa scored a total of 31 points.

ON WHEELS: Birgit and Philip. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Birgit Skarstein (31) and Philip Raabe (20) have been among the referee favorites from the start. This time both posed with wheelchairs. But both were also out of the chair.

The couple received a pat on the back from the hall.

– Me digget you, you were so synchronous. I’m exceptionally impressed, Filipenko praised.

– I want a little more variety, said Lingjerde.

Tore Petterson was clear in his speech to Birgit:

– Your body shows sensuality, your face just smiles.

The pair scored 33 points in total and set a personal record.

BLIDE: Siri and Tarjei on the floor. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Siri Kristiansen (42) and Tarjei Svalastog (22) melted the judging panel.

– You are with us all the way, you are screwed on. Just wish you had high heels, Petterson told Siri.

Got ten points from Tore

Petterson was so pleased that he served Siri a tier.

– You then offer yourself, Cleve thought and concluded that “this was a pleasure”.

– We have not had so much fun before, said a laughing Siri after the dance.

The pair scored a total of 32 points.

FIRST OUT: Marte and Benjamin in turn. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

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Marte Bratberg (31) and Benjamin Jayakoddi (26) were the first couple out on the floor.

– Exceptionally good development, Filipenko boasted.

– I loved this, said Lingjærde.

– You like to be a little fermented, so I think you should show it a little more often, Petterson thought.

The pair landed on 31 points from the judges.

IN ACTION: Agnete and Bjørn. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Agnete “Agnetesh” Husebye (24) and Bjørn Wettre Holthe (39) charmed the judges, even though they did not get a huge score.

– You were like a bottle of champagne that just splashed out over the room here, Lingjærde thought about Agnetesh.

Petterson had a bit of everything to put his finger on, but concluded: – Festive – Oh Lord!

The dancing couple even joked that they would get married if they won.

Agnetesh and Bjørn got a total of 23 points.

HEAVY: Kristin and Catalin. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Kristin Gjelsvik (33) and dance partner Catalin Mihu (26) gave what they could.

– You have put the list very, very high, Lingjærde thought.

– You’re a little stressed, Petterson told Kristin.

– You get too wide in your leg guidance, but are superb in expression, said Trine Dehli Cleve.

The pair scored 25 points.

GAVE THE IRON: Synnøve and Santino. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Synnøve Skarbø (49) and Santino Mirenna (27) showed themselves from a fierce side, and she admitted on TV that she was a little dizzy and was afraid that her partner would lose her.

– Free and playful, Cleve thought.

– Now you “go on”, Filipenko said.

– The best I’ve seen of you so far, Lingjerde boasted.

The pair scored a total of 29 points.

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