Sienna Miller reveals Boseman’s attitude behind the scenes


Sienna Miller told a story until then drawn about Chadwick Boseman in an interview with Empire. The actress revealed that he even cut his own salary to offer her a bigger salary when they acted in Dead End Crime.

The actress stated that she joined the project because she really wanted to work with Boseman, but there was a difficulty. Since she was very troubled by her daughter’s upbringing, she would only accept the job for an amount of money that would make up for the effort. Boseman would then have intervened, offering a reduction in his own fee to improve Miller’s pay.

This kind of thing doesn’t usually happen“, noted the actress. Chadwick Boseman was not only the protagonist of Dead End Crime as well as acting as a producer, and decided to make Sienna Miller get the value she deserved. “It shows what kind of person he was“, pointed out the actress.

Boseman, who became known for playing the king of Wakanda, T’Challa, in theaters, died at 43, a victim of colon cancer. Launched in 2018, Black Panther, the film, was one of the biggest successes of the Marvel studio, winning 3 Oscars and raising more than $ 1.3 billion at the box office.


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