Singer’s wife, Iza Stein celebrates her recovery after heart attack


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28/09/2020 15h43Updated on 28/09/2020 15h44

Iza Stein, wife of Maurício Manieri, used Instagram to update the singer’s fans about his health status, saying that her husband’s recovery has made progress.

Manieri, 50, was admitted on Friday (11) after experiencing severe chest pain and shortness of breath. After examinations, obstructions were found in two arteries. To stop the problem, he underwent a catheterization, being discharged on the 16th.

“The week begins with a heart at peace and full of gratitude! I have received many messages asking about Mauricio’s state of health. Thank God he is recovering every day (still resting) but he will soon be back! Thank you very much for all the affection and prayers “, declared the journalist on her Instagram, sharing the photo of an old trip of the couple.

The singer also spoke about the scare that passed in a video published on the way out of the São Luiz hospital, in São Caetano do Sul, where he was admitted.

In the recording, Manieri posed beside the team that attended him, thanking him for his care, and said that he lived “the worst moments” of his life.


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