Son of Dani Suzuki crushes neighbor’s car, leaves apology note and thrills actress


Dani Suzuki showed that she was touched by her son’s attitude, Kauai, 9 years old. The boy ended up crushing a neighbor’s car with his bicycle and left a note for him, communicating what had happened and apologizing. “Sorry, I smashed your car in a bicycle accident. Sorry for the boredom, ”said part of the note, which was shown by Dani Suzuki on social media.

In the caption of the publication, she revealed to have been moved: “It was very difficult not to cry when I saw the note that Kauai left at the entrance to the neighbor. He told me that he fell on a bicycle, but he didn’t tell me about the dent in the car, but I’m very happy to see that he took responsibility and was honest in his way of solving things ”.

“I received the notice from the concierge and the note from my neighbor so dear, that she won’t even charge for the damage. Attitudes that make me cry with pride for my puppy and for people so good that they also value the importance of an education of good values. Beautiful day here ”, he added.

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