‘Sonsa, keep rubbing cloth’


Rayssa Barbosa, Stéfani Bays and MC Mirella were in the room this afternoon talking and started to play by imagining and imitating pedestrians voting in the swidden formation that happens tomorrow. The people were imagining possible bullshit and rehearsing speeches and what they would answer. Mirella imitates what Tays Reis would be voting for Stéfani:

“My vote today goes to Stefani because I said something to her this morning and she hurt, she started shouting at me in the bedroom. She is very stressed, screaming and thick”. Sté comments on the staging and pinches Tays, who is living an affair with Biel.

“Oh my, love. I prefer to be a real stressed person than a good-natured one, like your face, who keeps rubbing cloth”, possibly referring to Biel and improvising what she would say to the singer if she was voted by she. The pawns burst out laughing.

Yesterday Stéfani had already complained to her friends about Tays, who took punishment for not using the microphone.


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