Sony apologizes for chaos in PlayStation 5 pre-order


This week was a little intense for lovers of PlayStation, first because it was finally announced the price and the date of availability of the PlayStation 5, and then because of the long-awaited launch of its pre-sale.

The consoles were expected to sell out in a few minutes at each of the merchants participating in this initiative. It must be said that the opening of pre-orders was done without this being organized by the brand, which left the reins at the end of the conference, although it had previously promised that it would not warn fans when this would really happen.

And that was something that did not please the fans of the brand that fought for several days to be able to book the long-awaited console with the hope of receiving it on the 19th of November, which is the day scheduled for its launch. Things got worse when Amazon started sending emails to its customers warning that PlayStation 5 would not arrive in time. And all over Europe, there are traders who realize that the new console stock may not reach their customers before 2021.

Faced with the anger of fans on the Internet, disappointed with this situation, Sony decided to officially react by the voice of the PlayStation Twitter account. “Let’s be honest, PS5 pre-orders could have seen less friction,” admits the Japanese group. The most interesting thing, however, is not in the excuses.

PlayStation 5 pre-order was in great demand and sold out in minutes

Sony announces that new consoles will be offered for pre-sale in the coming days. The partners will be in charge of revealing the details of this refueling. It is not yet known whether this promise concerns only the United States, where the console will be launched on November 12, or the entire world.

As an example, in Portugal there is no longer a place where we can order the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, since all the stock sold out in a few hours, and in some stores, even the console with the optical reader, is sold out.

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