Sony denies being making fewer PlayStations 5 than expected


Second, it had been advanced earlier in the week by Bloomberg, Sony would be facing problems during the manufacture of the new generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 e PlayStation 5: Digital Edition, which would lead to less quantity available on the market in the launch space – by the end of December 2020.

The report ensured that Sony’s expectations were to be able to produce just over half of what they had committed to and affirmed last July. Check out our article on this topic “Sony increased PlayStation 5 production to match demand“. According to the report, that would be a reduction of about 5 million units by the end of the year, something catastrophic for the Japanese manufacturer.

In view of the proportions reached, Sony was forced to go public, in this case, to issue a statement to deny the report published by Bloomberg – which reached several sites, including ours. “Sony is reducing initial PS5 production orders to 4 million units“. Quoted not communicated, “[…] until we can reveal the details related to the production, [garantimos] that the information provided by Bloomberg is false“, Sony assures Gameindustry. “We haven’t changed the volume of production on PlayStation 5 since the mass manufacturing process started.”

It assured Bloomberg that the problem raised during the production process focused on the console’s processing unit, the component manufactured and developed by AMD in partnership with the Japanese manufacturer’s engineers, since about half of the production of these processors would be compromised. Still in the report, the news site guaranteed that despite the improvements, the results “were not yet stabilized“.

Still in this context, we invite our readers to check out the latest news around PlayStation 5, namely, the announcement of version prices PlayStation 5 e PlayStation 5: Digital Edition and the respective launch prices, taking into account that both consoles will be launched on the 19th of November 2020 in most countries of the world.

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