Sony recognizes that PS5 reservations could have gone better –


PlayStation 5 bookings opened last week in several countries, including Portugal, but the situation has not developed favorably. From many players who were unable to place orders, to others who, even after guaranteeing the reservation, were informed that after all they would no longer have the console, it has been chaos, and the criticism has been very audible, not only against stores, but also Sony itself.

Even in Portugal there are few stores that currently accept reservations, but the situation will improve soon, according to Sony.

Through its official Twitter account, the publisher made a real mea-culpa: “Let’s be honest: PS5 reservations could have gone better. We are really sorry for that.” The company also said that it will make more consoles available for reservations soon, and left the guarantee that even after launch, more consoles will be released by the end of the year.


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