Spanish politician does not know how to speak English and did playback. To disguise, he wore a mask – News


You may not know how to sing,
Don’t even whistle
I’m sure you won’t be out of tune
In playback, in playback, in playback!

The city of Valencia lost, last Thursday, the fight for the European Capital of Innovation, but the defense made in the contest by its councilor, Carlos Galiana, deserved the prize. The story is told by ‘El Español’.

As the Mayor, Joan Ribó, was not available to ‘sell’ the city at an online event of the European Commission, the choice fell on the councilor of Innovation, Carlos Galiana.

It turns out that Galiana does not speak English. What did not prevent him from participating in the said event. With a hidden face, behind a mask, the councilman was present and made himself heard, perfectly, in the language of Shakespeare.

Everything was just a trick using playback. The voice you hear in the video is not that of the councilor, but of an interpreter.

The online newspaper ‘El Espanhol’, citing local authority sources, says that the rules of the event at the European Commission did not allow the presence of an interpreter and that this turned out to be the solution found.

The case became a joke in Spain and Carlos Galiana already came to say that he regretted “deeply”.

Valencia already lost to Leuven, Belgium, the title of European Capital of Innovation.


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