Sporting starts to ‘hand over’ Alvalade stadium doors to “legends”


THE Sporting announced, in the form of a note published on the official platforms earlier this Saturday afternoon, that it kicked off a project that has as objective honor some of the club’s greatest “legends” at the Alvalade stadium.

The lions will ‘deliver’ the doors of the Lisbon grounds to historical references of the football team, with “number 1 being that of Sporting’s eternal No. 1, VĂ­tor Damas, in a job that will only be completed in the next few days”.

“Soon, this and the other six doors of Alvalade will be named after the club’s old legends: 1 – Ladies, 2 – Hilary, 3 – Current, 4 – Jordan, 5 – Five Violins, 6 – Yazalde and 7 – Manuel Fernandes “, can be read.

“The inauguration ceremony will be held when it is possible to have an audience passing through the new doors of the lion’s house”, he adds.

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