Stadium audience meeting ends in stalemate and clash


FERJ President Rubens Lopes during a press conference (Photo: Úrsula Nery)

The meeting between the CBF and clubs on Thursday about the possibility of the stadiums having a public again ended in indecision and peppered by a jabber. According to information from the newspaper “O Globo”, the president of the maximum entity of national football, Rogério Caboclo, and the president of Ferj, Rubens Lopes, had a strong discussion, to the point that the CBF general secretary, Walter Feldman intervened and ended the online meeting.

There is information that the agent of Ferj would have said that Caboclo “forgot to take the Gardenal”. The clubs at that time differed over the return of the public.

Flamengo defended that the leaders should not make a decision about the return. In the eyes of Rubro-Negro, as cities that support the presence of fans, clubs should automatically enjoy it. However, clubs like Palmeiras and Corinthians maintained the idea that the return of the public should occur for everyone.

Rubens Lopes raised a technical question and pointed out that the meeting could not vote on any matter, since it was not convened in the format of the technical council (forum to debate Series A regulations). The leader also asked for more time to express his position and complained about the lack of democracy at the meeting.

Rubens Lopes also discussed previously with the president of Athletico-PR, Mario Celso Petraglia, who cited “the number of governors in Rio de Janeiro recently arrested”.

Towards the end of the meeting, spirits between Caboclo and Rubens Lopes became more heated. The CBF president wanted to vote on the public issue on the agenda for voting, but the Ferj official complained. After many comings and goings, Feldman chose to end the meeting, maintaining the impasse.

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