State of SP exceeds 35,000 deaths from coronavirus this Saturday; weekly value of 1,136 deaths is the lowest since May | Sao Paulo


The state of São Paulo surpassed this Saturday (26) the mark of 35,000 deaths from coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. 186 new deaths were recorded in 24 hours, bringing the total to 35,063. Although the number of new deaths remains high in the state, the record of 1,136 new deaths this week it was the lowest since May. (read more below)

The new confirmations in 24 hours do not mean that the deaths and cases happened overnight, but that they were counted in the system during this period. The numbers are usually lower on weekends and Mondays.

The moving average of deaths, which takes into account the records of the last 7 days and minimizes differences in notifications, is 162 deaths per day this Saturday. The variation was – 9% in relation to the value registered 14 days ago, which for the specialists indicates stability. As the calculation of the moving average considers a longer period, it is possible to measure the pandemic trend more reliably.

The occupancy rates of ICU beds have also been falling in the state, which caused the state government to announce the closure of Ibirapuera’s Campaign Hospital, the last temporary structure set up in the city of São Paulo that was still functioning.

According to the State Department of Health, there are also 5,967 new confirmed cases of the disease and the total reaches 970,888. The moving average of new daily cases is 5,602 this Saturday.

The number of cases includes positive results in laboratory tests for Covid-19, both of the rapid type, which only checks for the presence of antibodies and points to past infection, and the one that analyzes the presence of the virus in the body at the time of the test – the so-called RT-PCR exam.

See the new records in the state of SP in the last 24 hours:

  • 186 new deaths
  • 5,967 new cases

See the total in the state of SP since the beginning of the pandemic:

  • 35,063 deaths
  • 970,888 confirmed cases

Drop in epidemiological week

The state of São Paulo registered 1,136 deaths from coronavirus in the epidemiological week that ended this Saturday (26). The figure is 16% lower than that recorded in the previous week, which had 1,360 deaths between September 13 and 19.

Although still high, the number of this epidemiological week was the lowest recorded in the state since May (see the chart below).

On Monday (21), the state had an increase of 27% in the average of deaths in comparison with the value of 14 days before, which was the September 7 holiday. The value of 151 daily deaths registered at the holiday had been the lowest in 100 days, but the number may have been due to delay in the records.

In the days following the holiday, the state returned to having higher records in the daily average of deaths, which brought the trend back to stability after a period of decline.

State Secretary for Health Jean Gorinchteyn said the increase could be the result of underreporting and stressed that the number of new hospitalizations in the state continues to fall.

“Some notifications end up being dammed and the statistics are placed later. We have actually seen an increase in the number of deaths, especially in some regions. When we talk about hospitalization numbers, it expresses what is happening right now. It is clear that these indexes make us pay attention. Throughout the week we will understand if it was only the result of the damming [das notificações] or whether we are raising these statistics. If that happens, measures should be taken, “said the health secretary on Monday (21).

The executive coordinator of the Contingency Center, João Gabbardo, saw the increase with more concern and said that the numbers may have already started to reflect a possible increase in contamination due to the agglomerations recorded during the holiday.

“This data on the increase in deaths that we had during the week, unfortunately, interrupted a sequence of falls. We cannot make a direct list of cause and effect, if these deaths have anything to do with the increase we had on the holiday of agglomerations that may have occurred. This increase in indicators, even if the events took place on the coast, they are not restricted to the coast because people move from other places and may also increase the possibility of transmission in other places on the way back. ”, Said Gabbardo on Monday (21) ).

Before the decrease in deaths observed on the holiday and also in the weeks preceding it, the state remained for more than three months uninterrupted with the daily average of deaths above 200 per day, the so-called stability plateau at the highest point of the curve. epidemiological.

The number of patients admitted with suspicion or confirmation of Covid-19 in the state this Saturday (26) rose to 8,932, with 5,052 in the ward and 3,880 in intensive care units (ICU). On Friday, there were 8,471, 4,799 in the ward and 3,672 in the ICU.

The occupancy rate of ICU beds is 45.9% in the state and 44.8% in Greater São Paulo. On Friday, the rates were 46.3% in the state and 45.3% in Greater São Paulo.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 823,720 people have recovered, of these 106,044 have been hospitalized and discharged.

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