Stefani and Tays make shack with the right to shout


Stefani and Tays fell out on Sunday morning and there was an argument. The streaming platform that displays A Fazenda 2020 cut the moment, but it was possible to find out everything that happened in a conversation between peons.

Another shack for the The Farm 2020. This time, the disagreement happened between Stéfani Bays and Tays Reis. The makeup artist was irritated by a comment from the singer and that’s when it all happened. See what happened in the first bull fight:

How did Stéfani’s fight start in A Fazenda 2020?

In conversation with some peons of The Farm 2020, Stefani and Carol Narizinho, farmer of the week, explained what happened. The ex-On vacation with the ex said she was in the kitchen at the headquarters, preparing a sweet dish and talking quietly with Carol, so as not to wake the participants who slept in the room.

“We even took names [da produção do programa], saying I couldn’t whisper ”, explained the makeup artist. The farmer said that they intended to leave the environment to talk outside, but the production informed that everyone should be confined in the headquarters, so they remained in the kitchen.


“And then she said: ‘it is horrible to sleep on the couch and the crowd didn’t respect it yesterday, it was talking loudly’. So, do you want to say something? I am like Jojo, come and talk to me, don’t stop talking and debauchery ”, commented Stéfani. The paoa continued talking about the disagreement and said that she questioned the confining colleague about the comment: “She kind of started to make fun of me, then I became the demon. My throat hurt, I almost got hoarse. I started to say: ‘what the hell, I’m treating everyone politely here’. I screamed a lot, I even trembled ”.

Playplus cut discussion between Stéfani and Tays

The streaming platform that displays The Farm 2020, Playplus, did not show the moment to the public, as happened with the discussion between Jojo Todynho and Biel, on Sunday morning (27).

The fight between Stefáni and Tays was also not broadcast during the Sunday program, which takes place on Record TV, at 10:30 pm. It was only possible to discover what happened due to comments among the participants of The Farm 2020 and the conversation in which the former MTV reported the details of the discussion.

Some fans of the reality were irritated by the cut in the broadcast and shared the revolt on social networks.


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