Stock market break in the SAS share – E24


The Stockholm Stock Exchange will stop trading in the SAS share after the stock market break in Oslo. The Norwegian Stock Exchange is examining price developments. The price in Oslo is far higher than on the stock exchanges in Stockholm and Copenhagen.



The case is being updated.

The Oslo Stock Exchange has stopped trading in the SAS share and is examining the price development.

It appears in a stock exchange announcement.

The Stockholm Stock Exchange has also decided to stop trading in SAS, according to a statement stating that the background is that the share was paused in Oslo.

There have been strong movements in the SAS shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange during the day, which opened at a price of NOK 2.1. Just before the trade was stopped, at 10.52, the price was NOK 5.6.

Nevertheless, data from the Oslo Stock Exchange shows that the share has fallen 18.84 percent.

The price has been added to the SAS price in Stockholm, which at the time of writing is 2.41 Swedish kroner. It is also well above the price in Copenhagen of 1.94 Danish kroner.

SAS has previously been given the green light after working on a comprehensive rescue package. Last week, they got a thumbs up from the shareholders, and thus get to inject fresh money into the company.

The rescue plan is, in short, that SAS will raise NOK 12 billion in new capital and hybrid bonds, a billion in existing debt will be written off and converted into shares and new cuts will be made that will cut the cost level by four billion.



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