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SPORTS HERO: Former NFL player Joe Montana, here at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City last year. Photo: ED ZURGA / EPA

The American football legend (64) and his family experienced the nightmare on Saturday, when an unwanted guest entered their home in Malibu.

The dramatic situation arose on Saturday. TMZ reports that Joe Montana, a former merited NFL player, experienced that an unknown woman entered the house through an unlocked door.

Police confirm to the website that the woman allegedly tore a sleeping baby out of the arms of another woman inside the house. Who kept the child in the first place is not stated.

The nine-month-old baby is one of Montana’s grandchildren.

The woman is said to have taken the baby into another room in the house. There, Joe Montana and his wife Jennifer are said to have confronted her and finally managed to pull the child from her. The uninvited guest must then have run out of the house.

Police were nearby and arrested the woman a few blocks away. She is now in custody, suspected of kidnapping and burglary.

Ask for peace

Joseph Montana, as he was originally called, tweeted on Sunday night about the frightening experience:

«Many thanks to everyone who sent us thoughts. This was scary. Fortunately, everyone is doing well. We ask for respect for privacy right now.»

The fact that celebrities get unwanted admirers and unannounced guests at the door is something that is constantly getting media attention. Below are some of those VG has mentioned:

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