Strong explosion noise is heard throughout the city of Paris (video)


Paris police say the crash was not an explosion, but hunting through a sound barrier. The noise was heard at the Rolland Garros tournament

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247, com Sputnik – A noise was heard across the city of Paris, capital of France, this Wednesday morning (30. The Paris Police say the crash was not an explosion, but a fighter breaking through the sound barrier.

According to reports, the explosion was heard “throughout Paris and its suburbs”.

French broadcaster BFM says the explosion was caused by an airplane that breached the sound barrier.

For its part, the Paris Police Department reported that there was no explosion, and that the crash was a fighter crashing through the sound barrier.

“A huge crash was heard in Paris and in the Paris region. It was not an explosion, it is a fighter that broke through the sound barrier. Do not jam the lines of the emergency services!”, Informed the Paris Police on Twitter.

A video posted on Twitter shows the moment when the crash is heard during Rolland Garros’ tennis competition.

Explosion in Paris is heard at the Rolland Garros tournament.

So far, there are no reports of smoke or fire.

The shock wave rattled the windows, made birds fly and was heard in all parts of the city, jamming the police phone.

It is unclear why a fighter was flying over Paris, although the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the cause of the crash was the breach of the sound barrier.

The French Air Force command declared that a Rafale fighter from the Saint-Dizier base was allowed to break through the sound barrier to assist a commercial aircraft, which had allegedly lost contact with air traffic control services, second o RTL portal.


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