Strong reactions after Estonia accusations: – Strange that this has not been found before


After the fatal accident in which the ferry “Estonia” sank between Estonia and Sweden one autumn night in 1994, the shipwreck has remained virtually untouched on the seabed.

852 people lost their lives in the worst shipwreck in Europe since the war. 757 people are still buried in the shipwreck.

A new documentary series now shows startling findings about what happened, 26 years after the disaster.

The documentary series has led Estonia’s former public prosecutors to accuse Sweden of lying about what happened to “Estonia”.

Lena Hjelm Wallén, who was Foreign Minister in Sweden when the accident happened, now says that she is surprised by the new information that has emerged.

– It is strange that one has not found this before. I hope that you will take a closer look at this, says Wallén to Aftonbladet.

She denies having heard similar accusations from the Estonian side during her reign.

– Nothing was presented to me or to the Foreign Service. I do not know how the discussion went in the various expert groups, says Wallén.

She will not comment on whether a new investigation should be conducted.

– But when it comes to new tasks, you should look at them properly. I hope you do, Wallén tells the newspaper.

NEW FINDING: A video from the documentary shows the four meter long hole in the hull. Photo: AFP

Triggered demand for new surveys

The documentary filmmakers in Discovery have, among other things, revealed that the shipwreck has a four meter long hole in the hull.

This has triggered demands from Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas for new investigations into the ship.

Former public prosecutor and Estonian investigator Margus Kurm now accuses the Swedish government of knowing about the wreck’s condition, but of deliberately hiding it.

– Sweden lied to us straight in the face, he says to the Estonian newspaper Eesti Päevaleht.

He tells several Estonian media that he thinks the ship “Estonia” collided with a Swedish submarine on the fatal autumn evening.

– I am not one hundred percent sure, but that is my opinion, he says.

Several unanswered questions

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the Estonian Prime Minister have had several talks after the new findings.

– It was a good meeting, said Löfven’s press secretary Gösta Brunnander after the meeting late Monday night.

The authorities have long since concluded with the cause of the shipwreck, but several survivors and survivors are still left with unanswered questions.

Many wonder how such a large ship could sink so fast, and why key testimonies were not part of the official report.

The documentary series “Estonia – the find that changes everything” premiered in Norway on Monday, and can be seen on the streaming service Dplay.


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