Student hit by chair gets deformed skull and serious brain injuries – World


A young American student was left with a permanently deformed skull and severe brain damage after being hit by a chair that fell from a building in New York, USA.

Annabel Sen, 24, was on the street and was going to her boyfriend to have lunch together when a solid wooden chaise lounge, fallen from the 12th floor, fell over his head.

According to the New York Post, the young woman from Midtown now wants to be compensated, since, according to her lawyer, there was negligence in the way the chairs were arranged in the penthouse suite of the building where the fall occurred.

Benedict Morelli, Annabel’s lawyer, says that “it was a miracle” that the young woman survived and that her brain injuries were “severe, permanent, serious and traumatic”. The young woman is recovering after having undergone several surgeries.

The sequels are permanent, but Annabel’s family believes she can regain her full mental abilities. He had recently moved to New York with the aim of obtaining a Master’s degree.

“We are all hopeful of her recovery. She fears a lot of serious injuries and damage, but she is not dead,” says the young woman’s lawyer, representing the family.

According to the civil lawsuit presented, on the day of the tragedy there was a lot of wind and rain in the city and the chairs should have been packed, tidy and secured, which will not have happened. The owner of the penthouse, who is also one of the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils clubs, Michael Rubin, has already come to ensure that the space was rented and discarded any responsibility.


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