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MB (Vinicius Wester) has an idea and calls his colleagues to a protest. The next day, when Malu and Edgar arrive for work, they encounter all the male students wearing skirts.

“Can I know what antics this is?” He asks.

Edgar (Marcello Antony) is surprised by protest at school – Photo: Globo

“What a joke? Our new advisor said that we are obliged to wear the complete uniform,” replies MB, mockingly.

The other students also speak up.

“The email only said complete uniform. The skirt is part of the uniform.”

Malu is furious and says to them:

She will be even more irritated when she sees her daughter with the other classmates.

Malu (Daniela Galli) is disgusted with the attitude of the students – Photo: Globo

What will she do now at school? Don’t miss the next chapter of Workout – Live the Difference and check out the week’s summary.

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Nestor and Odaiuá leave for Santos, and Roney celebrates. Tato and Deco discuss Tonico’s care. Juca and Guto send lyrics to Benê, and Julinho asks if his sister is dating the two. K1 suggests that K2 approach Keyla to appease his suspicions about Tato. Doris suspects that K2 has lied to her. Bóris advises MB, Tina and Guto to come together to solve their problems with Malu. Doris discovers the forgery scheme commanded by K2. The students organize a protest against Malu, and Clara challenges her mother.

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Live the Difference is a season of Malhação written by High Hamburger with artistic direction from Paulo Silvestrini. Due to the stoppage of soap opera recordings at Globo Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2017 booklet is back to the Fitness schedule, after the Worth seeing again.

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