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In a classroom statement, she described how much customization and adornments will no longer be tolerated. Unhappy with the news, a group, led by Tina (Ana Hikari), MB (Vinicius Wester) and Guto (Bruno Gadiol), decided to go to Edgar’s office (Marcello Antony) to question the rule.

The school principal says the matter should be dealt with directly with Malu, but they do not accept that answer.

“Malu doesn’t listen to us. She is very different from Bóris, who has always been our partner ”, says one of them. Guto is more direct:

“Did you come to see the new rules? They interfere with the way we dress, and how we cut our hair. That way it is difficult to stay in school. I’m thinking of talking to my parents to go out. ”

Edgar (Marcello Antony) is tense when he sees students in his classroom – Photo: Globo

The other classmates accompany him and Edgar realizes that the problem is bigger than he was expecting.

“I will review these rules of conduct, assess whether there are exaggerations. But I cannot promise anything else.”

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K2 (Carol Macedo) is overwhelmed to learn Tato’s novelty (Matheus Abreu) ​​- Photo: Globo

K2 (Carol Macedo) never liked the friendship between Tato (Matheus Abreu) ​​and Keyla (Gabriela Medvedovski), but now the girl will be disgusted to learn that the ex-couple will have another ‘bond’.

Tato says that he will be godfather to Keyla’s son and it is enough for the manicure to explode.

“Godfather? Keyla is very expensive.”

He explains that the invitation came from Deco (Pablo Morais), but she doesn’t seem to want to know the details.

“Come here, can’t you see how much they use you? Everything has limits. If you subject yourself to it, you will be seen as the biggest sucker in town. Is that what you want?”

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Leide comforts Lica. The students confront Edgar about Malu’s attitudes and threaten to leave the Grupo school. K2 states that Tato will regret being Tonico’s godfather. Tina plans how to get Telma out of the house to be alone with Anderson. Fio regrets not meeting Ellen at school. Jota, Ellen and Juca are thinking about a new technological project. Benê asks Juca for help with the lyrics of his song, and Guto feels jealous of the two. Everyone prepares for Tonico’s ceremony, and Ellen and Tina go after Lica. Keyla comments to her friends that Nestor suggested that she marry Deco. The ritual in honor of Tonico begins.

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Live the Difference is a season of Malhação written by High Hamburger with artistic direction from Paulo Silvestrini. Due to the stoppage of soap opera recordings at Globo Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2017 booklet is back to the Fitness schedule, after the Worth seeing again.

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