Study points out that users would leave dog, alcohol and sex by cell phone


(Archive) When the police investigated on their cell phones, they found messages from several men offering him money and gifts in exchange for sex – AFP

That the cell phone can be considered an indispensable item nowadays, few people can deny. Now that the device is above pets, food and even sex when it comes to preference, this is relatively new.

A survey by the marketing agency Simple Texting questioned participants about leaving their cell phones at the expense of some accessories and everyday components.

The result was that 72% of people would quit alcohol, for example, by cell phone. Smaller, but even more than half, were 64% of respondents who would exchange coffee for the device.

When the subject is human beings, 42% of the participants preferred the cell phone. Dogs also got only 40% of the preference.

The issue of streaming also entered the study. About 70% of respondents revealed that they would stop using content platforms for 30 days in order to use their cell phones regularly.

Another highlight of the research is the clash between generations and the main point of analysis was sex. According to the data, 60% chose to have sex to leave the smartphone aside. Now, when the study used information from generation Z, who were born between 1995 and 2010, approximately 60% chose the cell phone.

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